How to counter advertising ads on YouTube

The video streaming service has a big spot this week, with a counter advertisement standing flag for the viral YouTube video of a man sitting on a beach and watching the waves crash against his face.

The video, which has more than 16 million views on YouTube, has sparked outrage online with viewers calling it disgusting and threatening violence against the man, who is seen on video trying to fend off the waves.

The viral video has drawn more than $1.5 million in advertising on YouTube in the last 24 hours.

YouTube is also using the same tactic to reach young people.

But some critics say YouTube is trying to capitalize on an already existing issue with its ads.

“This is a classic case of what they’re doing,” said Eric Lichtblau, a professor at Harvard Business School who specializes in advertising and online media.

“It’s advertising in the context of social media and YouTube, where there’s a lot of noise around that and it’s very easy for people to become distracted.”

YouTube has made it easier to remove the ads, but they’re not disappearing just yet.

The platform will continue to allow users to opt-out of them, but the company has not released an update about how to do so.

Lichtbau said that the platform has been trying to address the issue for some time, but that it’s still not completely on board.

YouTube’s advertising system was overhauled last year after complaints that it was not providing enough data about how its ads were performing to determine whether they were causing harm.

The company now provides more data about the ad networks, and it has added a tool that lets advertisers target people based on their interest in the video.

The system also helps YouTube decide whether to let them target ads to people who may have similar interests to their own.

“I think that it is going to be important that people have the ability to see the kind of information that YouTube provides them,” Lichtbfles said.

The idea that YouTube is being able to see what people watch and how they interact with the videos they post is an important way to ensure the platform doesn’t abuse its power, said David Gelles, who leads the media practice at Gellers & Shackelford in New York.

“That’s why they are going to want to get out there and get out of the way and let users decide for themselves,” he said.

Lachlan Markay, who covers YouTube and has a background in digital advertising, said the company’s efforts are laudable.

“The idea that they are able to take action on this issue is a good thing, because this is an issue that they’re going to need to address in the future,” he told The Associated Press.

“If the video isn’t a problem for YouTube, then they’re happy with what they’ve got going on, and the question becomes, are they happy with how things are going with this?”

YouTube has been working to address concerns about the advertising it allows.

The site said it has worked with social media companies and other companies to make its platform safer for viewers.

It also has begun to give more prominence to videos that are not directly tied to the brand they are advertising, as it does with videos that feature celebrity endorsements.

But it has also been working on new ways to identify and remove adverts that do not violate its policies.

For example, YouTube has created an ad-tracking tool that allows users to see which videos they have seen, and which videos have been taken down.

The tool also has a way for advertisers to remove ads that are too inflammatory or threatening.

But Lichtbaers said the platform still has work to do.

“We’re still working on the whole ecosystem, because we have a very large audience, a very big audience, with an enormous audience of people watching and commenting,” he wrote in an email.

“There’s still a lot more work to be done.”

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