How to spot the adverts that are really fake

Advertising is all the rage these days, with companies using the internet to target consumers with ads and promote products.

But the internet has also enabled fraudsters to spread their malicious software and steal valuable data, leaving consumers in the dark.

Now a team of researchers has identified an ad network that may have been the source of a massive scam that could have affected millions of consumers.

The ad network, called “AdvertisingX”, is known to have used an algorithm known as the AdWords AdMob system to target people on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The team found that, during a three-month period in 2017, the ad network spent around $1 million on the system.

It spent $1.4 million on ad targeting and advertising on social media and $1 billion on social networking in total, the researchers say.

“Advertising X is not the only fraud network to use AdMob, but it is the most successful, according to this analysis,” the researchers write in a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“This network appears to have been using AdMob to target large numbers of individuals and companies on Facebook and other social networks,” the team says.

The researchers believe that AdMob has been used by a “network of actors” to target ads to Facebook users and then steal the information from those users and companies.

The group of researchers said they have found evidence of several AdMob users being infected with malware.

“We also found evidence that the AdMob-infected AdX network has been involved in the theft of sensitive information,” the paper says.

“Based on the current state of the industry, we believe that this AdMob infection could have resulted in data loss of tens of millions of dollars.”

While the researchers believe AdMob may have targeted individuals, they say they are unable to say whether they were affected.

AdMob is not a company but a software service used by businesses to advertise to customers.

It was originally developed in the 1980s and was created to help businesses increase revenue.

The AdMob platform, which is free and open source, was designed to help marketers sell targeted ads to customers using Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

The system is still used today by millions of businesses, including companies such as the US Air Force and the US military.

The study, by researchers from the Center for Digital Democracy and University of New South Wales, says that while AdMob is still in use today, the system has been compromised.

“While it is easy to look at the data, the data is incomplete,” the study says.

“While we can detect malicious actors that have been targeting the AdX networks with AdMob for years, the information we have is limited and may not be complete.”

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