Which of the two bus stand mockups did you like best?

We asked our readers for their impressions of the bus stand concept, and here’s what they had to say.

Bus stand mockup Stand 1, a bus stand with a unique bus logo and logo motifs of other buses, is one of the few mockups of bus stand design that we’ve seen from a real bus stand.

The concept design is a hybrid between a bus stop, a subway station, a restaurant and a parking garage.

The bus stand is a combination of a bus, a pedestrian street, a residential street and an open space.

The design features a large sign reading “BUS STOP.”

The design also features an image of a subway entrance, with a bus parked at a corner.

Bus Stand 2, another bus stand that incorporates bus stops, restaurants and parking garages, is the second most popular mockup of bus stands, according to the poll.

The mockup was submitted by the designer of the stand, who used the Bus Stop logo in place of the word “stop.”

The designer of this mockup, who requested anonymity, also wrote that he “did not have a real idea for the design until recently.”

This is because his design was based on a mockup that he had created for a local restaurant.

The designer said he came up with the idea after seeing the Bus Stops sign that was on the exterior of the restaurant.

It had the word Bus Stop on it, which is a nod to the Bus Station.

“I felt like it was very generic, and a little bit of a ‘look at me’ type of design,” he told us.

Bus Stands 3, another mockup from the same designer, is another hybrid design.

This one features a bus that is parked at the corner of a street, as well as a parking lot that is separated from the rest of the building by a pedestrian crossing.

The designers of this bus stand also wrote on their design that the idea was inspired by a recent New York Times article that detailed a bus-stop concept in Japan.

The idea behind the mockup is that the building’s bus stops are separated by a single, tall wall.

The architects of this design also created a photo of the Bus Street sign on the facade of the diner, with the word BUS STREET on the top.

The name of the design was inspired from a photograph of a Japanese bus stop in Japan, which was used as the name for the bus stop at the New York subway station in the late 1960s.

The image is an homage to the design of the New Mexico bus station in Albuquerque, which features a massive sign with the words BUS STORE on it.

Bus Stop Bus Stop 2 is the third most popular bus stand from this mock up.

The developers of this prototype design also wrote, “I wanted a busstop with a more abstract design that made sense in relation to the building.

This was one of my favorites.

It’s a little more abstract and less ‘stopped’ than Bus Stop 1, but still very much connected to the real world.”

Bus Stop 3 is a bus stopped in a parking structure.

The Bus Stop design uses a bus station, which serves as a hub of commerce and commerce.

The sign at the entrance reads BUS STOP.

The logo on the building is similar to that of a real parking garage, with its name written in Japanese characters.

The interior of the structure is a small, rectangular building with the sign on top of it reading BUS STREE.

The building is separated by an open, pedestrian-only pedestrian plaza.

The exterior of Bus Stop 4 features a sign reading BUS STOP, which references the sign outside the building on the street.

The front entrance of Bus Stump 4 is a pedestrian-friendly, bus-friendly plaza.

Bus stop 3 is the only mockup we have seen from Bus Stumps 3 and 4 that features a parking bay.

Bus Station Bus Station 3 was created by a team of students from the New School who came up in the design and implementation of Bus Station, an ambitious bus stop concept that was originally conceived by the architects of Bus Bar.

The students, who are currently working at the architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects, came up to the problem of designing the design from scratch.

The school’s design studio, the New Center, took the idea to ZahaHadid Architects in a collaboration with the architecture team of Bus Depot in New York City.

The team designed the mockups based on sketches, concept designs, and other resources they had at hand.

The prototype was based off of the exterior layout of Bus Street Station in New Jersey, which the school’s students considered to be the ideal location for Bus Station for the mock up to be made.

“Bus Station is an important building, and we wanted to design it in a way that would reflect the history and history of New York, and the city as a whole,” said Yves-Alexandre Boucher, one of Bus School’s design team members

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