What’s next for the ad business?

The ad business is on the brink of a new era as ad tech giants like Facebook and Google look to capture a bigger share of the market.

The market is ripe for an even bigger boom as tech giants compete with traditional publishers for the same eyeballs.

And as we look to the future, what’s the future for the advertising industry?

We spoke to three experts to get an update on where we are right now, what could be the next major trend in the advertising space, and what we can expect from ad tech firms going forward.1.

Why is the ad industry going to boom?

The ad tech industry has been on the verge of a renaissance for some time now, but the big changes are in the eye of the beholder.

That’s because the digital ad ecosystem is constantly evolving, as it is evolving to adapt to new audiences and new media platforms.

In other words, there is no single “right way” to monetize an online platform.

The shift in how advertisers sell online is also part of a general trend toward new technologies.

Advertisers are more focused on optimizing their digital platforms, rather than building a product or product line from scratch.

Advertisers will also use more innovative ways to sell online.

For example, traditional advertising networks will be on the lookout for ways to monetise video.

And the social media platform Instagram recently launched its own video-based marketing program called Sponsored Stories.

In short, there are a variety of ways that advertisers can monetize their content online.

And as the industry continues to evolve, there will be more ways to build a better ad platform.2.

How will advertisers monetize video?

Advertiser-backed YouTube has been a major success for the platform, but it is also facing a major challenge in monetizing video.

YouTube has a lot of revenue and it is able to monetization ad revenue through videos that feature users.

Advertising networks are starting to recognize this, but they are still struggling with video monetization.

YouTube is also in the midst of a significant ad-driven redesign that will include more native video elements.

In the future YouTube will be able to run ads on video clips and videos that are embedded within other YouTube content, for example.

In this era of social media, advertisers will increasingly have to decide what content is important and how to leverage that content.

That will be especially true with the advent of social video sharing platforms such as Instagram and YouTube Red.3.

Will the ad tech boom happen?

The digital ad market is currently a fragmented market with a variety for how it is organized and what is available.

Some ad tech companies have already started to monetizing some of the verticals in the digital advertising space.

The ad tech sector has seen some big successes in these verticals, but other players are poised to follow.

And we may see a boom in ad tech that is not as immediate as it may seem.

A big reason for this is that the ad technology market is still a bit in its infancy, with new technologies such as the social video platform Vine and adtech giants like Vuzix still in their infancy.

These platforms have not yet been able to scale to handle the growing popularity of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, and they are not yet ready to offer ad tech solutions.

A key challenge for the digital space is the fragmentation of the ad marketplace.

That means there are several competing ad tech platforms that compete for the attention of a particular user or brand.

And that’s where the ad space could continue to grow.4.

What can be the biggest impact of the digital era on the adtech industry?

As ad tech becomes more and more integrated with the digital economy, it is bound to have an impact on the digital marketplace.

The digital ad industry is growing quickly and is also rapidly changing.

It is changing the way consumers view online content.

And it is changing how advertisers and publishers sell online advertising.

So, the impact on ad tech could be enormous.

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