When Brisbane, Australia, is home to the world’s best coffee and ice cream, it could be the perfect place for a new coffee empire to set up shop

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is in a unique position.

The city has a population of around 1.3 million people, and is home also to the country’s most famous ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s.

The ice cream giant’s flagship ice cream shop in the city is known for its huge flavours, including the highly sought after Ben & Joes Strawberry Shortcake and Ben & Jelly Baked Oatmeal Bars. 

With its growing population, the city also has a huge population of coffee lovers, which makes it a perfect location for a coffee company. 

Ben & Jerrys has been producing its ice cream in Brisbane since the 1950s and its most recent batch of products was sold out a year ago. 

“We’ve had a few customers ask for more ice cream and I think it was a bit of a shock to people when we announced we were going to go into Australia, but it’s all coming together now and we’re really excited about it,” Ben & Jerks managing director of marketing, Chris Gattin, told Business Insider Australia. 

Brisbane has a long history of coffee brewing, with the oldest being built in the 1920s. 

The first coffee house to be built in Brisbane was the Ben & Johnson Hotel in 1929, which is still in use today. 

In the 1970s, Ben&Joes bought the former Tod’s Bakery, a chain which was known for producing strong coffee with a lot of beans and spices.

Ben & Jerries now has three outlets in Brisbane, and the company has already expanded into Sydney, with a planned expansion to Adelaide. 

 The company’s latest batch of ice cream products will go on sale at a later date, but Gattins said the coffee will remain in Australia until the end of the year.

“It’s very exciting for us to be here, to be in the CBD and the CBD is a big coffee hub, and we think that’s what’s going to keep the ice cream brand in Australia,” he said. 

Gattins has been working in the coffee industry for the past decade, with Ben & Jims being the company’s first venture into Australia.

Ben & Jill has a number of brands in Australia including the Ben and Jerrys Strawberry Shortbread and Ben and Jelly Baking Oatmeal bars. 

According to the company, the Ben Jols Strawberry Shortcakes are a new trend that has gained popularity in the US, with sales up by 50% since 2014.

Gattin said that the Ben&Johnson brand is popular because of its quality and high quality.

“They’re all about good quality and freshness, and when you’re a brand like Ben & Judd, it’s not just about flavour.

It’s about what you’re selling,” he explained.

He added that Ben &Jos Strawberry Shortcakes have been enjoyed by coffee drinkers for over 40 years.

“Ben & Judd are the kind of brand that people go for because of their flavours and how they make the coffee,” he added.

For Gattens business partner in the Ben Judd coffee business, John MacLaren, Australia is a great place to be.

“There are so many cafes and coffee shops here, so you can always find something new to try,” he told Business News Australia.

MacLaren is the CEO of MacLaughton Coffee, which operates five bars in the Melbourne CBD.

The company has a large client base in Melbourne and the Melbourne area, with customers including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Andrew Bolt and Australian Football League players such as Brett Stewart and Michael Morgan.

As well as Ben & Jeans, MacLans other businesses include Ben & Co, Ben, Benjos, BenJoes, Ben-Jo and Benjo.

 Ben&Jos has also been awarded several awards, including “Best Coffee” in 2014 by the Australian Coffee Association, and BenJos in 2015 was also named a Best Coffee in Australia by The Australian Beverage Association.

In addition to the Benjobs Strawberry Short Cake, Ben Joes is known in Australia for its ice creams.

Ben Jos ice cream is made with milk from the dairy cows, and uses the highest quality ingredients and flavourings.

“BenJos is a classic coffee flavour that’s made with premium ingredients and is available year round,” Benjoes website states.

It goes on to say that BenJoos ice cream “is a perfect ice cream dessert for kids and adults.” 

“Ben&Jo is a unique ice cream flavour that tastes like real Ben&Jo and is made in the most authentic way possible,” the Benjo website states, adding that Benjoses products are sold in Australia in stores and online. 

What’s more,

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