Who’s the best football player in the world?

A new survey has revealed that the best footballer in the football world is probably not the player who is playing in the Premier League.

In a new poll conducted by Top Football Insider, the league’s official database, players were asked who their favourite player is in the top five leagues.

The list includes Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema.

The study found that the top players in each league are not necessarily the most famous, but they are usually among the most popular.

The top five players in the UK and the US were Ronaldo, Messi, Benzema and Daniel Sturridge.

The UK players are not exactly the most-talked about of them.

They are all very successful footballers and have managed to keep their place in the game.

In the US, Ronaldo has been on a rollercoaster ride since he broke into the top 10 in the first place.

The Brazilian was also one of the top earners in the US before he was signed by Manchester United.

The US is a league of many different leagues.

It’s a competition for the best players in different countries.

It can be a competition where people can get paid millions of dollars and then you can see the likes of Messi and Ronaldo making millions in the millions, and then it can be one of those leagues where players can play with the highest of the best and not get any recognition at all.

So what’s the story with Messi?

In the end, the Spanish star was just a player who was given a huge contract to help his country win a World Cup and then was never able to live up to the hype.

He was signed to help the Spanish national team and then a year later he failed to impress with the club.

After a year of playing for the national team, Messi got a massive transfer to Barcelona in 2019.

He didn’t really live up his contract at the Nou Camp and didn’t show the same qualities that made him such a successful footballer.

At the age of 23, Messi joined Manchester City for £30 million and has since been the team’s best player and top scorer.

However, the Catalan giants failed to deliver on their expectations and failed to qualify for the Champions League last season.

Messi has not only been criticised by many, but he has also been the subject of a lot of criticism by the media.

When he was a kid, he was known for his temper and he has a history of being known for it.

However, the Brazilian is also an incredibly well-respected player and even though the team struggled, the fans are now demanding more from their team.

There is also a lot going on at the moment with Manchester United, where they have lost both players from the team and also have to look at the future.

What’s next for the Barcelona players?

Barcelona will be in Europe for the first time since their disastrous 2014/15 season.

They will be looking to defend their title and get back into the Champions Leagues for the very first time in their history. 

The season starts on July 7th, when they host FC Barcelona in the Champions Trophy semi-final.

The first leg is scheduled for August 14th.

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