Why the ‘Design Advertising Stand’ ad campaign in Malaysia is so controversial

Posted February 11, 2018 05:00:58 A series of controversial advertisements featuring designer Aishwarya Bhatia have gone viral in Malaysia.

Ads for the designer’s brand of furniture and home furnishings have gone up on Facebook in recent days, sparking an outcry from social media users.

The posters say that Bhatias furniture and house is a product of ‘Made in China’ and that its ‘beautiful design’ was made in India, the home country of her children.

It also says that Bhattis furniture is a ‘luxury’ product that will make your home ‘cooler and more comfortable’ than its competitors.

In the ad, Bhatis children are seen standing next to the furniture, as she explains that she created the furniture for her children in India.

Some of the posters have been shared over 2,500 times, with the majority of users commenting that they agree with Bhati’s statement.

“We feel that the statements of the designers and the advertisements in the advertisements are misleading and insulting,” said Aisha Riza, a Malaysian consumer advocate.

Riza added that Bhardas furniture and its makers ‘are trying to sell products that are designed and manufactured in India to make money and to make the children happy, to make them feel good.’

‘I want my children to grow up in a more comfortable, safe, and secure environment, and not a house in which the kids can be hurt, or their privacy violated,’ said another poster.

Another poster said that the ad was a way to get money from ‘bad people’ and said that ‘the children and parents of Bharda are exploited, abused, and exploited in this advertisement.’

A video of the ad has gone viral online and Bhatas ‘Made In China’ furniture is also being advertised on social media, with many users comparing the ads to advertisements of other brands.

Malaysia’s advertising watchdog is considering the complaints, which it has received from more than 100,000 people.

An investigation into the campaign has been launched, with a probe into whether the ad campaign violated Malaysia’s Consumer Act and the Advertising Standards Board of Malaysia.

It will determine whether the advertisements breached rules on advertising, misleading advertising, and making false statements.

On Monday, Bhards furniture brand said in a statement that the campaign is not a product made in China, and that it is made in Malaysia.

Bhatia has since apologized for the ads.

She also released a statement saying that the ads were meant to show a ‘great product’ that is not in any way related to Bhard’s family.

She said that she hopes the people of Malaysia will learn from this experience and not take any actions that might hurt others.

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