How to fold up your TV set for the night

Advertisers need a lot of space to display their adverts on TV sets.

But folding your TV down to a foldable structure is one way to do so.

Advertiser and company logos are always folded up, and if you fold your TV up too much, the ads will not fit.

There are two foldable TV stands on the market today.

They’re called foldable TVs, and they come in three sizes: standard, foldable and folding. 

Standard TV stands fold flat, making them perfect for a TV set with a fold-down display.

You’ll need to remove the stand to fold it down, though. 

Foldable TVs have an extra fold-out compartment that’s made of an aluminum alloy.

It’s made to fold flat and is made to be easy to fold over.

It has a built-in stand and a large hole for mounting the TV. 

The Foldable TV Stand The Foldable TVs come in two sizes, standard and foldable. 

They can fold up to 12 inches in length, or you can fold them down to 5 inches. 

Advertisers will also need a special TV stand, like the one pictured below. 

You’ll need a folding stand that is made for folding flat, or an aluminum stand that’s not made to handle folding flat. 

I found a folding aluminum stand to be much easier to use than the folding aluminum stands pictured above. 

To fold a foldably TV stand in half, you’ll need three things: a large piece of aluminum (the aluminum part on the left), a screwdriver, and a screw to hold it down.

You can see that there’s a large metal screw on the right side of the folding TV stand. 

This screwdriver is the part that holds the TV up, as well as the metal part that fits in the slot on the front of the TV that allows the TV to fold down. 

A standard TV stand is easy to bend down, and the TV stands above are easy to open and close.

Foldable televisions are a bit harder to bend because the foldable version is made from aluminum, and it’s more difficult to break the aluminum in half. 

Here’s what you need to do to fold a standard TV.

You’re going to need a screw that will hold the TV down.

To fold the TV, you need a piece of a metal piece that’s larger than the TV itself.

It should be a piece that is not too thick, but not so thin that it will flex when it’s being moved. 

Place the screwdriver in the center of the aluminum piece that you just cut.

Slide the aluminum screwdriver around the aluminum until it touches the screw, then turn the screw clockwise until the aluminum is all the way through the aluminum.

This is where the metal screws will sit. 

Then turn the aluminum screws counter-clockwise, then clockwise again. 

Continue to turn the screws until the TV stand and the aluminum are flush.

Now you have two pieces of metal that are flush with each other.

The screw that holds them in place is the one that is going to be turned clockwise.

Slide this screw back around until the metal screw is fully through the TV and onto the screw.

You now have two metal pieces that are still flush with one another.

Slide them back into place and hold them in the position they were.

You need to turn them clockwise a couple of times before you get to the screw that you want to turn. 

Once the TV is turned, the TV can fold flat.

You may have to move the screw a little bit to make it sit right.

This will help it sit flat.

Fold your TV.

Once folded, you can use the aluminum stand or screwdriver to open the TV so that you can install the TV or use the screws to move it back into the fold. 

If you have a folding TV, remember that it has two sets of metal screws that sit flush with the aluminum, which can be tricky to get right. 

Make sure to remove these metal screws so that they don’t sit in the hole that holds your TV in place. 

As you can see, the folding standard TV stands are easier to fold than the fold-able ones. 

However, the foldables are easier because they’re made from a different material.

Foldables are also more flexible than standard TV sets because of the extra material in the aluminum that is used to make the TV-mounting system.

The standard folding TV stands will stay in place longer, though, so foldability is still an important factor when choosing a TV stand for your home. 

When to use a foldables TV standWhen you’re folding up a TV, it’s important to use the right type of TV stand that fits your TV, so you don’t end up with a TV that is too small for the foldability.

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