How to make your own lemonade stand, with a Lemonade Stand Board

Ars Technic’s Steve Anderson has created a new LEGO product that looks pretty cool, but does not actually exist.

In fact, the product he’s created is actually a stand-up comedy sketch board, complete with a stand that looks just like a lemonade dispenser.

Here’s how it works: You can create your own stand-by lemonade board using the standard LEGO bricks.

This is the same design you see on many stand-in boards for TV shows, which are also available for sale at LEGO stores, but these are also built by actual stand-ups.

You’ll need the following LEGO bricks: LEGO brick 1 x 12 x 2, 1 x 5 x 5, LEGO brick 2 x 12, 1 LEGO brick 3 x 12 This stands-alone lemonade stands-by-stand-by stand-off lemonade product stands on a stand and requires an outlet to store the stand-together lemonade.

It has the standard stand-out lemonade bowl.

It also includes a stand by itself.

Here is how to make it. 1) Take the standard 12 x2 LEGO brick and cut out the sides of it with the small bit of cardboard.

(This isn’t as easy as it looks.

I’ve made a video demonstrating how.)

2) Cut out the 2 x5 LEGO bricks and lay them on the floor of the stand.

(The 12 x3 bricks don’t have a bottom, so you’ll need to make that work as well.)

3) Now, take the 12 x5 brick and mark the top with a pen.

(You may need to trim the pieces off the sides, or use a sharp knife to make the marks.

You may also want to drill holes in the sides to make a shelf for the stand.)

4) Now take the 4 x5 Lego bricks and cut them into 12 x4 LEGO bricks (which are smaller, so it’s easier to drill them).

5) Mark the bottom with a pencil.

(If you have any left over pieces of LEGO bricks you can use to make decorations for the board.)

6) Take one of the LEGO bricks with the pencil mark and cut it into 4 x4 bricks (make sure the other piece of LEGO is facing down, so the stand can’t be seen if the top is upside down).

7) Put the remaining 12 x1 LEGO bricks into the top of the board.

(That’s the stand, so cut the top away from the bottom.

The other piece is the outlet, so place it on the other side of the base.)

8) Repeat with the other Lego bricks.

9) Put one of those 12 x6 LEGO bricks on the stand (the stand can now be seen, so put the remaining LEGO bricks there.)

10) Put your stand in place, with the top facing out.

(Make sure it doesn’t move too much.)

11) Now the board can be moved around.

It’s pretty neat, so let me know if you have more questions!

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