How to spot a fraud at the advertising industry’s heart of the fraud investigation

The biggest scamsters are often the ones who don’t use a word that means anything to someone who doesn’t speak English.

That’s why the most dangerous scams are often those that use the same phrase or phrases to get what they want, a New York University researcher has found.

New York University assistant professor of marketing and public relations John McGovern, a co-author of the new study, recently conducted a survey of more than 1,200 ad agencies in six U.S. cities and asked them to tell us what words are most commonly used to scam unsuspecting consumers.

We found that the most common scam was fraud by mistake: An agency is accused of an egregious fraud and the victim is misled.

But the biggest fraudsters aren’t the ones whose scam is most egregious.

The fraudsters who don´t even use the word “scam” to get their way are the ones most likely to do it, McGovern said.

He said that even when agencies try to make their fraud seem like a mistake, they can’t always succeed because the fraudsters use the term “scams” to try to sound more professional.

“They are saying they are doing a scam, but they are not really doing it,” McGovern told Newsweek.

“So, when you call them a scam and say that they are, they are probably not.”

According to McGovern’s research, the most frequent scamsters use words like “revenue,” “customer service,” “free,” “value” and “good” to refer to fraud.

“You are talking about people who are just trying to make a quick buck,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a fraudulent agency or not.

It can be any type of fraud.”

In fact, McCongham said, many fraudsters “are doing it just to appear professional and not to actually be fraudulent.”

And the scamsters who do use “scammers” to mean something are the most likely, he said, because “there is a big difference between fraud and not-scamming.”

In other words, fraudsters often make their word work by saying that they’re going to get a quick and easy way to get money, while scammers usually just try to scare people into paying, McConngham noted.

The researchers said that if you’re considering hiring an agency that might be using the term fraud to refer back to the fraud, be sure to ask them if the word is used to refer specifically to the company.

McGovern said that the research will give you an idea of how the fraud industry operates.

“It is very hard to prove fraud,” he explained.

“If you don’t know if the person is lying, you can’t tell whether they are a scammer or not.”

In one of the cities where the researchers conducted their research, New York City, fraud investigators are investigating about 20,000 fraudulent ads that appeared in the New York Times.

“You might not know this, but you may not have heard that many of the people who do these ads are fraudulent,” McConnahans said.

The most common fraudster among these fraudsters is not a fraudster at all, he explained, but a scammers “one-hit-wonder.”

According the researchers, fraud is not something that happens on a daily basis.

But in the case of scams, “It is a way to keep people in the dark about fraud,” McConaghans said, so “they don’t report it to the authorities, they don’t take responsibility for it and they keep on doing it.”

“In the fraud world, it is not about being good,” McConnell said.

Instead, it’s about the “one trick, one kill.”

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