How to take a stand on climate change and save the planet

A new ad campaign by the United Nations calls on people around the world to “stand up for our environment” and fight global warming.

The campaign, which will air on Facebook Live and on other platforms, is part of the UN Climate Change Summit and is the first of many climate change actions the United Nation has planned for next week, including a climate summit in Paris.

In the ad, which is expected to run in major U.S. markets on Thursday, a woman says: “I can’t stand idly by and watch the planet burn.”

A man says: “‘Stand up, stand up!’

That’s what I’ll be saying to my friends and family on Wednesday, I’ll call on my elected officials to stop selling oil at home and stop drilling in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

And I’ll remind everyone that our fossil fuel infrastructure is crumbling and we must do something about it.””

We can’t let a small group of wealthy countries wreck the planet for the sake of their own financial interests.

I’m calling on my fellow citizens to do the same,” said Kiki Vazquez, who heads the UN’s Global Climate and Energy Change Programme.

In a separate video ad, a man from the U.K. is seen standing in front of a “global monument” with the caption: “This monument will stand as a testament to the commitment of our people to protect the Earth’s environment.”

The campaign comes after President Donald Trump called for a new global summit on climate action at the U:S.

this week, where leaders will discuss the climate threat, the importance of reducing carbon emissions, and how to prepare for the worst impacts.

The U.N. climate summit, held each year in Paris, is a platform for global governments to agree on the best strategies to combat climate change.

The U.s. and other nations will host a number of leaders from around the globe at the summit.

“We are not just in the middle of the Paris climate summit,” said Vazquera.

“We are the center of the climate revolution.”

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