What’s new in iOS 11.1, 9.4, 9 and 9.3

Posted November 05, 2018 12:06:31Apple has finally unveiled iOS 11, 9, and 9, which are based on iOS 11 and 9 respectively.iOS 11 and iOS 11 will ship with new features, like Siri integration for voice control, and a new icon design.

The 9.1 and 9 themes will be available to download, along with the ability to set reminders and push notifications for new events.

The new 9.2 update also includes a new Apple Music integration, and an upgrade to the Photos app.

iOS 11 is the first major update to iOS since the release of iOS 10.iOS 9 will ship alongside the new 9 software, while iOS 9.0 will ship first.iOS 10 was released in April 2017, and iOS 9 was released on October 31, 2017.

Apple will roll out the iOS 11 software update on September 29, and the new iOS 9 software will be rolled out on September 26.iOS 8, 9 or 9.x and iOS 8.1.x will also be available on September 28, and are all scheduled to roll out to customers on September 30.iOS 7 and 8.3 will be delayed by two weeks until September 27.