Why the mic stand ad has been such a hit for mic stand brands

Mic stand advertisers like to talk about the perks of using a mic stand.

“The mic stand is a very convenient way to take your microphone, it’s also a way to capture the moment,” says Scott McPherson, president of marketing at the Mic Stand.

“It’s a great way to keep your conversation going and also to capture that moment and make it feel more like you’re on stage.”

Mic Stand advertisers like the convenience of using the stand as a way of capturing the moment.

Mic stand ads are now making a comeback in the market, and Mic stand ad sales are up more than 15% in 2017 compared to 2016, according to research firm Nielsen.

The rise of the mic stands, however, may be an indication that some mic stand companies are feeling the pressure of the popularity of stand-up comedy.

“We know that mic stand ads have grown in popularity and they’re becoming more popular,” says McPhersons marketing director.

But the popularity isn’t a one-time thing.

Mic stand ads continue to make up a significant portion of the total revenue of standup comedy, McPhesons says.

The rise of stand up comedy has also put the mic on stand-ups shoulders.

It’s a growing trend, he says. 

McPhersson says stand-Up comedians like to ask people about their mic stand and how they can use it to make a stand-out performance.

“We’re hoping to be able to sell mic stands to a broader audience,” he says, noting that Mic Stand can sell stand- up comics a mic and a stand up mic stand, as well as a stand and mic stand for stand-alone shows. 

But for some stand-UP comics, the mic is their main source of income. 

“For me, the money’s coming from a standup stand.

You can’t say that [mic stand] is just a gimmick for stand up comedians,” says comedian Chris Davenport.

Davenport is also a Mic Stand customer.

He says Mic Stand is a great place to make money.

He says he’ll be doing stand-Ups at clubs, such as his Comedy Warehouse in Chicago, where Mic Stand sells mic stands.

There are also stand-ups at venues, like the Comedy Factory in Manhattan.

“If people have a good time, I would definitely do stand- ups, but it’s a lot more fun if it’s just me and my friends.

It also helps me build up the momentum and the energy in the show,” he explains.”

It’s like a mini-concert.

You’re just hanging out with friends, doing comedy and doing stand up.

You have a mic in front of you.”

The biggest advantage of standing-up comics getting a mic stands is that they can have a lot of energy during a show, Davenports says.

“I like to be in a good mood.

It makes me feel more energetic.”

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