Why you should avoid tire ads in print

Posted September 13, 2018 07:25:03 Tire advertising has been a hot topic lately, with a recent lawsuit against a major tire manufacturer in the U.K. leading to the company’s resignation from the industry.

A lawsuit filed by two British tire manufacturers in 2014 alleged that the company, BSA, had been promoting the use of tire adverts without any of its own advertising.

Now, in a landmark case, the High Court of England has ruled that the BSA has to stop promoting tires without the endorsement of a third party, or pay damages to the companies.

The court’s decision was based on an appeal from British Tire, which is based in London.

The appeal was brought on behalf of the British Tire Tire Association, which represents companies in the UK and abroad.

In the original case, BTSA argued that the adverts were advertising a non-advertising product, and therefore BSA had no commercial interest in the ads.

The Court of Appeal disagreed, ruling that BTSAs advertising was clearly and substantially promoting the commercial activity of the ad campaigns.

This case was originally brought by the British Council of Trade Unions and the BTSATU, which represent British Tire.

Both parties are seeking to have the decision overturned.

In a statement released by the BTA, the company said that it was pleased the High Ct had decided that BSA must stop promoting non- advertising products without any endorsement.

“The court has correctly ruled that BFSA, the BFSATU and the other BTSAA members are all entitled to the protection of free speech, and we thank them for their efforts,” the statement read.

In addition to BTSAB, BFS, and BTSAC, the two British Tire brands are represented by the Tires and Wheels Association, a trade body representing British manufacturers.

The decision means that BSE and BSA are now the only British companies who will not be advertising on the advertising stand for the foreseeable future.

British Tire is a tire advertising company, which means that it doesn’t need to rely on any third party to advertise its products.

British tire companies also sell a number of other types of products, such as racing tires and racing helmets.

British tires have been on the rise in recent years, with the number of sales reaching about 1.4 million metric tons in 2016.

The increase in sales is partly due to the introduction of lighter tires in recent seasons, and in 2018, British Tire began offering racing helmets in its stores.