Digital ad stand to get $1.2bn in bailout fund

Cyprus is set to get a €1.5bn (£1.23bn) injection of bailout funds from the European Union’s European Stability Mechanism as part of the EU’s rescue package for the country.

The EU is expecting the bailout fund to provide an extra €2.5 billion a year in funding for the island nation, which has been hit by a recession since the global financial crisis.

The money will be used to pay down debts, as well as to make the island a more attractive investment destination for investors.

It comes as Cyprus is also set to receive a €7.7bn loan from the EU in order to avoid defaulting on its loans.

Cyprus has been in a financial tailspin since the financial crisis hit in 2008.

It had to slash pensions, increase taxes and pay its debts.

It has now emerged from the financial turmoil with more than €400bn in debts to pay back its loans and was forced to seek international support for the rescue package.

Cypriots have long said they were in dire straits and have been forced to rely on aid from other countries.

But with Cyprus now officially back in the EU, the European Commission is looking to give it an extra boost.

The country has been suffering from a drop in demand for its goods and services since the European Central Bank introduced a bond-buying programme in September.

The programme, which the EU hopes will bring back growth to Cyprus, is designed to stimulate the economy.

The central bank is expected to provide the money through an initial loan from a bond fund established by the European Investment Bank.

The EIB, which manages the EU funds, will then repay the bonds at a later date.

Cyprus also has to pay an annualised rate of interest of around 6 per cent for its debt.

In the long run, the EIB will also lend Cyprus an additional €1bn for a further two years, to keep the island afloat.

Cyrios economy is set for a rapid recovery but there is a danger of the island becoming a financial centre for European financial institutions, especially as the EITB loans have been due to expire this year.

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