How Google’s design advertising platform works

Google’s new design advertising product, called Google AdSense, lets publishers pay for ads that appear on their websites.

Now, Google has announced that its new platform can be used for other kinds of advertising too.

According to Google’s blog post, advertisers can now set up and accept Google AdWords ads.

They can also pay Google for the placement of their ads on their sites.

For example, you might have a business that is selling apparel.

The business could pay for the ad placement by paying Google a fee per visit, or by adding a “sponsored” or “buy now” button to the ad.

This would let the advertiser know the ad will appear when a user clicks through to their site, and that it will also appear if they make a purchase in the future.

Google also announced a new feature called “sponsored ads for paid content.”

This feature lets publishers offer their ads to Google AdServ users for a fee.

If the ad is a sponsored advertisement for a paid product, then Google would be able to match the ad to the user’s search terms.

This means Google would match the ads that it pays for, and they would also be able track the user as they make purchases.

This could help publishers improve their business models.

Google has also said that advertisers can set up their own Google AdPads, where they can display their own ads and earn revenue from that advertising.

This allows advertisers to make money from their own content while also providing their users with a way to pay for it.

These are new additions to Google and its ad product.

We haven’t yet seen a similar feature with any other platform, but Google’s announcement has given publishers hope.

Google also says it’s working on a new ad product that will work across all the platforms that it’s available on, including Android.

This is great news for publishers as the AdSense system has allowed them to be profitable without having to worry about the ad systems on their own platforms.

The Verge has reached out to Google for comment and will update this article if we hear back.

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