What you need to know about the baseball stands advertisement, and how it’s different from other ads.

It’s one of the more bizarre, and not-so-funny, ads that you’ll see this year, and it’s a reminder of just how difficult advertising can be when you’re a little more than a kid.

In this new ad, the Cubs’ iconic logo appears on the floor of the stadium in the first inning.

It’s not an ad for a new ballpark, though.

The Cubs are the team of Cubs, Cubs fans, and the Cubs logo is a nod to a past when the team was one of only two teams in baseball to not have a full-time home stadium, and when the Cubs had a great run in the 1950s and 1960s before the team relocated to St. Louis.

In the new ad—which is the second Cubs ad this season—the logo is replaced by the team’s “L” logo, and then we see that the logo is in the shape of a ball.

“It’s the kind of thing you see at the World Series,” Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer told the Tribune.

But the ad doesn’t seem to be aimed at the audience.

It seems to be meant for the viewers.

There’s a photo of the logo in the stadium, with the words “Chicago Cubs” written above it.

But then, instead of the words, the image is the actual logo, with a ball attached.

It reads, “The Chicago Cubs.”

“We know the Cubs are in this game for the fans,” Hoyer said, “so we wanted to show the fans who they are.”

It’s a clever idea, and one that has the Cubs at the center of a major advertising story for the franchise, and with the Cubs having the best year of the franchise in a decade.

The team, meanwhile, has a bad year, posting a .270 winning percentage.

And while it was expected that the Cubs would be struggling to stay in the postseason after a .500 record, the team is doing much better than expected, going 8-6 and posting the second-best record in baseball, ahead of only the Red Sox.

In fact, the club is 10-0 since the beginning of October, and has the best record in the National League at .500.

But this new Cubs ad—the first one of its kind in nearly a decade—shows them in a different light.

The ad opens with a shot of the iconic logo on the Cubs brand, which has been a part of the team since 1924.

The logo, the name of the brand, and a number stand for the “Chicago Sports and Entertainment” and “Chicago White Sox.”

The ad then cuts to a shot from the 2017 World Series game between the Cubs and the Seattle Mariners.

The Mariners were the team that was the only one of four teams to not win the World War II World Series.

It starts off with a clip of the Cubs winning the World Championship Game against the New York Yankees.

The image of the famous logo, along with the number stand, and “Cubs” stand for “Chicago” and are then followed by a shot showing the logo and the number “5.”

In a video of the 2017 Cubs game, Hoyer was asked about the new Cubs’ new logo, which he described as a “pretty cool little logo.”

“It was designed by our new ad agency, they’ve done a great job on it, and we were very pleased with it,” Hinson said.

“The way it is designed, you know, it’s the Cubs, the numbers stand for Chicago, and you have the logo on a baseball, and that’s the way we do things all the time.

We wanted to create something that was unique and unique.”

Hoyer also said that he wanted to make the logo as recognizable as possible.

“We’ve always been a little bit of a brand, but we wanted it to be something that’s very identifiable,” he said.

The new ad is the latest in a long line of Cubs ads that have made use of the new logo.

In 2015, the brand took a cue from a Chicago Police Department ad in which they used the brand’s iconic logo, but with the text “Chicago.”

In 2018, the Chicago Blackhawks used the logo of the “C” logo of Major League Baseball.

And in 2020, the Bears used the Cubs new logo during the team and team mascot introductions at the Chicago White Sox game.

The ads in 2016 and 2018 are just the latest additions to the team, which recently announced it would be changing its name to the Chicago Cubs.

And now, as a new season begins, the new branding may have just begun.

The Bears are the most recent franchise to have its own logo, as the Chicago Bears have a long history of utilizing the brand name.

The Chicago Cubs have played in the American League since 1908, and won the National Series in 1949.