When will you finally stop trying to change the world and start caring about it?

It’s a question that has plagued many of us in the video game industry for years now, but the question seems to have become more pressing with the latest news from EA’s upcoming E3 conference, which took place over the weekend. 

It’s been an issue that has cropped up in games before, but it seems to be especially prevalent in the current generation of consoles, where we’re getting increasingly impatient with our current entertainment offerings.

While it’s clear that EA has an interest in making the game industry more accessible and accessible to more people, it seems that this desire isn’t always being met, especially when it comes to accessibility to people with disabilities.

It’s something that we’ve talked about in the past, and as it turns out, the game designer and producer responsible for the upcoming Uncharted game is an outspoken supporter of making the industry more inclusive and inclusive of the disabled. 

Naughty Dog’s lead producer, Neil Druckmann, was asked about the matter in an interview with Eurogamer, and he shared a few thoughts on the subject.

He said that he was very conscious of the fact that he had a disability when he was making games, and that he would never have a choice about the accessibility of his games if he were not. 

“It was a conscious choice,” he said.

“It’s very clear, it’s very obvious, that I am not a person who would have the luxury of making a game for people with a disability, and we’re always very conscious about it.

I wouldn’t want to make a game that had a problem with it, I’d want to have a game in which I would have no choice but to make it accessible to people who have disabilities.”

This is one of the many examples of an individual being able to make games for the people who are disabled, and it’s something he feels very strongly about.

He also shared his thoughts on how the accessibility issue can affect players, saying:It’s like a very subtle issue, but when you look at the people that play these games, they are the people with the disabilities, and so it’s a very real issue.

I think when people see that there are people who can play games, who are able to play them for the first time, who may not have the same experiences, it can really affect their enjoyment of those games.

And so I think that’s why we think it’s important to have this kind of conversation.

When asked about what he hopes people with special needs will enjoy in the game, he said:If I had to say one thing to the general public, it would be that the people on the internet who play these sorts of games are going to love it, because they’ll understand that there’s this world out there, and this world of people who don’t have the ability to communicate the way that we do, but who can express their feelings and feel the way they do.