Why cardboard advertising stands are killing the paper industry

It’s hard to be cynical when you’re a newspaper publisher, but it’s hard not to wonder why cardboard advertising signs are killing paper businesses around the world.

The signs, which are not manufactured from cardboard, are not only more expensive, but also less durable and difficult to recycle than plastic and cardboard advertising posters.

They are also more prone to falling and catching fire, and are the most common type of advertising in the world, according to the Global Advertising Bureau.

And cardboard signs are no longer cheap.

In the U.S., the price of a cardboard sign is $0.00, and that’s after a 15 percent markup.

And even in China, where cardboard is considered a cheaper alternative to paper, prices are still a few cents higher per sign.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Matthew R. Cote, a senior vice president at the advertising and marketing practice of law firm Gowlings & Associates.

“The fact that we’ve been able to create the industry-wide standard of cardboard advertising is really a big step.”

That’s because of the U-turn that cardboard advertising has taken over the past decade.

As an industry, newspapers are in a bind: They want to stay competitive and attract readers, but they don’t want to take any risk on advertising that they think may not be accepted.

So they’ve become more flexible.

For the first time in decades, newspapers will be allowed to run adverts with no images, just text.

They also will be able to print and distribute the ads without a cardboard logo.

The result is a new kind of advertising that can appeal to both millennials and the elderly.

In China, for instance, newspapers have started to show ads that feature cartoon characters.

But the results are mixed: While some Chinese newspapers are showing ads with images of puppies and cats, the advertising has been met with derision from online users who say the advertising promotes violence and violence-related activities.

“It is a bad idea to promote violence in a cartoon,” one poster on Sina Weibo wrote.

“We want to protect our children, so we will never run such ads.”

And there are some concerns that the changes may not go far enough.

“There are some countries that do not want to allow advertising on paper,” said Daniel J. Molloy, director of the Media, Society and Technology Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

“They are concerned about this kind of censorship.”

For some newspapers, however, the change has brought more than just new advertising revenue.

“These changes have created a more vibrant newspaper industry,” Molloysaid.

“In some ways, the changes have made the newsstands and the advertising business more profitable.”

As a result, the print industry is expected to gain more than $2.5 billion by 2019, according the National Advertising Association.

And there’s reason to believe that’s only the start.

Advertising is already being shown in the new apps for smart TVs, Google Glasses, and Apple TV.

In fact, it’s possible that there’s a real chance that the entire print industry could be completely digitalized by 2019.

The advent of social media has made it easier for publishers to promote their news.

That means that if you can post a link to a newspaper on Twitter or Facebook, that news article will appear in the newspaper’s mobile app, or in a special section of the newspaper website.

“I think there’s no doubt in my mind that the paper business is going to grow in 2019,” Cote said.

“As the news business grows, the paper is going as well.

The paper will grow in all directions.

The next generation will get to see it all.”

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