Advertising chalkboard design for lemonade stand

Advertisers are using lemonade stands to advertise their products, but it’s not always as simple as it seems.A chalkboard advertises the company’s new lemonade flavour, Lemonade, with an advertisement for a lemonade maker.Key points:The chalkboard has an image of the company and an ad for a liqueur maker, which it advertises as ‘The lemonade you […]

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ICO, Token, and ICOs: What to know before investing

ICOs are now a new phenomenon, and many people are investing in them, not just the token holders.As a result, they are receiving much more information about what is going on, what they should invest in, and who they should listen to, before they invest.ICOs and token sales are being used to raise capital for […]

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What do you get when you mix the magic of a firework display and a chalkboard?

Advertising chalkboards, firework stands and advertisements are a staple of any event that involves a public event.The firework displays are designed to light up and dazzle the crowd with fireworks, which can be seen for miles around.But they can also be seen as an indirect advertisement of the event in general, and can be incredibly […]

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How to Make Lemonade Stand Ads for the Summer and Winter 2017 issue of Outdoor Advertising

We’ve all heard it before: Make lemonade stand ads in your backyard!And now you can do it indoors with our new indoor advertising chalkboard.And since you can’t do it outdoors, the chalkboard stands offer great value.The chalkboard is a durable, durable, lightweight cardboard board that sits atop a flat surface and is easily adjustable for […]

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Why do you have to advertise in chalkboard stands?

There are many reasons why you need to advertise on chalkboardstands.They’re generally not cheap.And the chances of getting noticed is not good.But if you have a lot of chalkboardstations and you’re willing to pay a premium for them, you should be able to afford to advertise there.In fact, many chalkboardshops have an ad rate of […]

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