“I was wrong about this”: Former VP of Communications at Twitter, Mark Paustenbach, reveals he was wrong to promote fake news

Twitter CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s former chief of staff is suing the social media giant for promoting a fake news story about him.Mark Paustensbach filed the lawsuit on Thursday in federal court in San Francisco against Twitter, Facebook, and other internet giants.Paustenbacher is one of several people who have come forward to allege that Zuckerberg encouraged […]

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What’s next for the ad business?

The ad business is on the brink of a new era as ad tech giants like Facebook and Google look to capture a bigger share of the market.The market is ripe for an even bigger boom as tech giants compete with traditional publishers for the same eyeballs.And as we look to the future, what’s the […]

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How to make lemonade stands more effective

The new advertising lemonades that are popping up in stores across the country are coming at a steep price tag.It’s a little easier for them to come in at a price than it is for consumers to buy them, but the results are the same.The new adverts are coming with an added layer of “advertorialization,” […]

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Which companies are doing best in metal advertising?

According to CBS News, metal advertising stands suppliers and standing dog advertising stand suppliers are among the top performing companies in terms of market share in terms.According to the data, the top 10 performing companies according to the metric are as follows: Advertizer International Inc. 1.15% (advertising stand supplier) Advertizing Equipment Inc. 0.99% (manufacturing) Adderall […]

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How to Buy a Fireworks Stand in Canada

If you’ve been to any fireworks displays in Canada you probably have noticed that the stands aren’t exactly the same.It’s not that the displays are too big and there aren’t enough people in the stands to accommodate the many fans.The real issue is that the vendors aren’t really that interested in your business and aren’t […]

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What to look out for when using an ad network to advertise your brand

Google has started issuing warnings to advertisers who want to use its ad networks for mockups of products.In a post on its ad network guidelines, the company said that if a company is using a network to create mockups, it should be cautious and avoid the use of ad network images for these mockups.“If you […]

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