How to take a stand on climate change and save the planet

A new ad campaign by the United Nations calls on people around the world to “stand up for our environment” and fight global warming.The campaign, which will air on Facebook Live and on other platforms, is part of the UN Climate Change Summit and is the first of many climate change actions the United Nation […]

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How to create a new ad with a splashy headline, a splash of colour and a splash to attract readers

In this article we’ll show you how to create your own splashy headlines, splash of color and splash to draw people in to your story.You can also create a splash with a video or a headline to add to your content.It’s the right way to do it, it’s fun and it’s an eye-opener.Here’s how to […]

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How the table advertising stands and table advertising stand works

When it comes to table advertising, you’ll need to know what stands and tables are.There are two main types of tables: advertising stand and table display stand.The table advertising standard is the one you can use in most retail locations.But what you can’t do is run your own table advertising or advertising on a table.So […]

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How to make a buck in plastic advertising with ad-blocking software

A year ago, advertising giant AdBlockPlus became the first ad-blockers to be granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.AdBlock’s software is based on the popular ad-management software Blit, which was originally designed for blocking ads on mobile phones.AdBlit has also gained wide acceptance, with over 30 million people using it since it […]

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Fireworks display in Washington, D.C. on Thursday — but it’s fake

The National Weather Service reported that there was a meteorological display in the nation’s capital.The National Weather service issued a meteorology alert in the Washington, DC area.The weather service’s advisory was issued just after midnight, which is when the fireworks display was originally scheduled to take place.Weather services meteorologists at several locations around the country […]

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